This research is supported by NSF Award #1855159
What is this project about? This project named RET Site: Research Experience in Cybersecurity for Nevada Teachers (RECNT) is focused on engaging Middle and High School teachers as participants in STEM research and education at UNR emphasizing on cybersecurity awareness.
How long is the site experience? In 2022, the (summer) site experience will be for six weeks (from June 20th till July 29th).
Is there any stipend for teachers? Yes. The teacher participants will receive a stipend of $8000 for participating in this project and will work closely with Site Mentors to gain STEM research and education experience. They will also receive an additional $2000 for their follow-up operating costs that they can use toward some follow-up activities, integrating such experience into their classroom or lab development/update.
What will be the research experience areas? The general focus is on STEM research and education emphasizing on cybersecurity awareness. The teacher participants will have the opportunity of participating in any of the four broadly defined project/research areas (below) based on their interest and gain STEM and cybersecurity related knowledge and experience. They will work closely with UNR site mentors in these following research areas:

    a) Cyber-Physical System Security
    b) Biometrics and Cybersecurity
    c) Cybersecurity in Unmanned Autonomous Systems
    d) Digital Forensics Technology and Methodology
Who can participate? This Site is for Middle and High School teachers. So anyone who is already teaching or is going to teach in Middle or High School can participate.
How can I participate? Is there an application form? Yes. For summer of 2022 participation, application form is already up in the website Homepage. Please apply ASAP.
Where can I find the application form? You can find the application form here. Application Link for RET Site
When will I be notified about the status of my application? For summer of 2022 participation, applicants will be notified by March.
If you have any other specific questions, that are not available in this Frequently Asked Questions Section, please feel free to send them to us at