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Teacher Resources for NetDefense Game
What is this game about? This game is focused on engaging Middle and High School teachers and students towards providing a broad cybersecurity training and awareness.
Why is this game developed? This game is developed toward providing a broad sense of cybersecurity through simple yet effective technical knowledge. You can play the game either as a cyber-attacker or a cyber-defender and learn about key cyber-defense terminologies while having fun in the game.
As a teacher, how can I use this game in my classroom? The game comes equipped with pre-assessment, the game itself and the post-assessment. If you want to use this game in your classroom to teach cybersecurity, please feel free to contact Principal Investigator Dr. Shamik Sengupta at
What will be the game experience areas in terms of cybersecurity? You will learn about concepts of networking, routing, packets, firewall, honeypots concepts of cybersecurity as you play the game.
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